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where's a pen and paper when you need it?
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10th-Oct-2015 02:48 am - Hello
Hello, this is oldcamerauser,the maker of this journal which is specifically for  friends. And I shall let you be my friend if you have good stories fanfiction or not, and have atleast 3/4's of the way decent art, fan art or not. So if you wanna be my friend, email me, send a link for some of your art or your stories. thanks. But just for the record I actually don't mind having friends that aren't artists or writers.
30th-Sep-2007 05:36 pm - Hello I'm new please be nice
Hello people! I just joined LiveJournal I'd really like to make some friends so please post a comment.  I really like to write and as soon as I figure it out how and write one to I'll post one. Thanks!
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